California Cotillions


“Manners are more important than laws.
Upon them, in great measure,

the laws depend.”

—Edmund Burke

Now enrolling for 2021–2022!

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bent • Cotillion Directors

Presenting Traditional Cotillion Experiences and Instruction

in Dancing, Etiquette, and Social Graces.

Much more than a dance class, Cotillion is a multi-year series of semi-formal etiquette instruction parties where girls and boys interact in a structured environment and are given the opportunity to develop social skills, acquire and practice good manners, increase self-esteem, and prepare themselves to experience any social situation with confidence. Learning to introduce themselves and others confidently, using cellphones appropriately, practicing proper table manners, and escorting partners and mastering basic dance steps are just a few of the many skills members develop through their Cotillion participation. Comprising various events such as a formal Dinner Cotillion, semi-formal dancing parties, a seasonal Holiday Cotillion, and an informal themed costume Cotillion, the Cotillion season provides a wide-ranging learning experience in traditional and modern etiquette.

I have a daughter and a son who both really enjoy attending Cotillion mainly because it is so much fun for them.  As a parent, I appreciate the fun but am even more impressed with the lessons that Mr. and Mrs. Bent are teaching my children at Cotillion. It's not just about dancing. The manners and behaviors they are learning will help them socialize with their peers, address groups in a public speaking format, handle themselves in an interview, and give them the confidence necessary to engage in everyday social interactions. It helps them to blossom and grow by giving them a foundation of prescribed guidelines, so they can be comfortable in their surroundings and socially accepted on all levels. On top of all of that, it's a whole lot of fun.

I heard about cotillion from my girlfriends. One of them was a mother of a pre-teen boy who finished 3 years of cotillion. She said that by the time he got into high school and was going to formal dances, he knew exactly what the etiquette was for greeting, escorting and dancing.  She raves it was the best thing for him and has enrolled her other 3 children!  Cotillion has so much to offer: learning how to get dressed for a formal event, social etiquette and dance, hanging out with friends, meeting new friends from other schools and the games! I have so much confidence that my daughter will be ready for her Formals as well as other social situations in her future.  I have 2 younger boys and they will definitely be going to cotillion as well.